10 Famous People Who Got Billionaire Before 30

What do you want to be when you grow up? These personalities simply chose to be billionaires, a fortune that many die trying to achieve success, glory, fame and fortune. Being rich is not just about inheriting money and being happy, hard work, dedication, effort also comes with fortune. In a survey conducted by Forbes, the top billionaires before the age of 30 were identified.

The list contains characters from various branches and segments who became billionaires very early, and believe it or not, some of them don’t want their fortune, they have already decided to give it away. There is still time for you to get your fortune, see how these money experts can inspire you on your journey.

The concept of billionaires spread all over the world is true, the United States, Norway, Hong Kong and even Brunei, are countries where billionaires before the age of 30 have their origins and roots. To become rich or famous before the mid-60s is anyone’s dream, but this feat has been achieved by few.

Top 10 Famous People Who Got Billionaire Before 30

10. Kylie Jenner

1.4 billion dollars

Kylie Kristen Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States in 1997 and since childhood she was a model, at 14 she already had her own clothing brand along with her sister Kendall Jenner, in 2015 she launched her own line of cosmetics and is among the most influential media personalities in the world, Jenner reached the pinnacle of fame by participating in the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” of the American channel E!

At the age of 21, Kylie Jenner, had her net worth reach 1 billion dollars, being the youngest billionaire in the world, but Forbes contested the title which was then withdrawn after evidence of falsification about Jenner’s fortune came to light. Kylie reached the $1 billion fortune at the age of 24, 3 years later in 2020, when the model and half-sister of the Kardashians, received $500 million in payouts, money that came from her ventures, sponsorships, advertisements and due to the reality show in which she participates.

Jenner’s fortune is officially valued at around $700 million, a fortune that increased after she became the mother of Stormi Webster, the daughter she had with rapper Travis Scott. Kylie Jenner is a businesswoman and has several mansions and luxury cars, has reached the mark of 250 million followers on Instagram, and is a brand ambassador.

9. Andy Fang

2 billion dollars

Born in San Francisco, California, USA in 1992 and with a family of Chinese origin, Andy Fang became a billionaire at the age of 28 with the creation of a food app, DoorDash.

DoorDash is a food app created by Andy Fang, Stanley Tang and Tony Xu, with Chinese-American Fang as its lead developer. Based in San Francisco, it is a California-based convenience food delivery app serving an average of 450,000 merchants and 1 million distributors.

Andy Fang is a director of DoorDash and works on system improvements in his own company, and has a degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

8. Stanley Tang

2 billion dollars

Stanley Tang was born in Hong Kong in 1992 and moved to the United States as a teenager with his parents. From a young age he was interested in technology, childhood still lived in Hong Kong, he started his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Stanford University where he met Andy Fang and together they created the food delivery application, DoorDash.

Stanley Tang reached the rank of billionaire at the age of 28, he moved to San Francisco where DoorDash mostly operates, Tang was responsible for the logistics of the app.

He served on DoorDash as CPO (Chief Product Officer) title given to the executive position within a company, Stanley Tang did not accept for 2x selling his part to Andy Fang and became a billionaire with the same amount of his friend.

7. Jonathan Kwok

2.4 billion dollars

Jonathan Kwok was born in Hong Kong in 1992, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in the United States. He is the youngest son of the late Walter Kwok, former chairman of Hong Kong’s largest developer, Sun Hung Kai Properties, a Hong Kong real estate developer.

After his death, Jonathan and his brother, Geoffrey, took over Empire Group Holdings, a real estate developer that Walter founded after he left Sun Hung Kai Properties. The brothers inherited Walter’s direct stake in Sun Hung Kai Properties and are named beneficiaries of one-third of the five large family funds held by their grandmother.

In a short time of management, Kwok has managed the company to significant profits and together with his inheritance, has secured at age 29, $2.4 billion as assets.

6. Austin Russel

2.4 billion dollars

Born in 1995 in Newport Beach, California, in the United States, Austin Russel became a millionaire at the age of 26, dropped out of Stanford University in 2012 and received a financial contribution of 100 thousand dollars from entrepreneur Peter Thiel, started his personal project, Luminar Technologies.

Owner of one-third of the company Luminar Technologies, he held a successful IPO (Public Stock Offering) and the result was $2.4 billion. Russell is CEO of the company and is looking for new methods to make the company more profitable every day.

Luminar Technologies is a manufacturer of sensors for autonomous cars for major automakers such as Volvo and Toyota, one of the major investments by automakers in 3D and enabling a 120° field of view, and is in constant conversation with other automakers.

5. Kevin David Lehmann

3.3 billion dollars

Kevin Lehmann is one of the youngest to become a billionaire, only 18 years old and 3.3 billion in his account, that’s counting in dollars, but the way he earned it was in Euros. He was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2002. He holds the title of the youngest billionaire in the world.

At the age of 18 he became the owner of 50% of a German pharmaceutical chain, DM, one of the pioneers of the “drogerie” concept in Germany. This pharmacy format is similar to that seen in the United States, a drugstore that contains food, drinks, electronics, everything and of all kinds, is the most important pharmaceutical chain in Germany.

Kevin Lehmann was not operationally involved in DM but became an owner through a direct investment by his father, German businessman Günther Lehmann, owner of the Pfannkuch Group, a supermarket chain. Günther bought 50% of DM and put it in Kevin’s name at the age of 14, so that when he turned 18 he could take over the company.

4. Gustav Witzoe

4.4 billion dollars

Gustav Magnar Witzoe was born in Froya in Norway in 1993, became a billionaire at the age of 27 when he became a shareholder in the salmon farming company, Salmar ASA and has a majority stake in Scottish Sea Farms, the second largest salmon producer in the UK, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Witzoe’s father transferred 47% of the company to him in 2013, avoiding a large inheritance tax charge. “Witzøe” is also the name of a technology startup and real estate investor. He previously worked for MGM Property, and has invested in Gopi and Key Butler.

Witzoe’s companies are the leading companies in the salmon business across the European continent and part destined for the salmon that is shipped to South Korea, Gustav has grown the company in a few years and may increase his net worth soon.

3. Sam Bankman-Fried

8.7 billion dollars

Born in Stanford, California, in the United States in 1992, Sam Bankman-Fried is the founder and CEO of FTX Trading Limited, founded in 2017, is a cryptocurrency exchange, he is also active in Alameda Research, also in the cryptocurrency business. Sam studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sam became a billionaire at the age of 25, with $8.7 billion. He decided to create his cryptocurrency company after leaving the proprietary trading firm, Jane Street Capital, where he worked trading international ETFs. In 2018, he even moved around $25 million a day, buying Bitcoins in the United States and trading in Japan.

Son of a leading US lawyer, Barbara Fried and son of the lawyer who invented the US income tax, Joseph Bankman. Sam Bankman-Fried is a member of Giving What We Can, and plans to donate most of his wealth to effective charities throughout his life, the charity is altruistic in nature.

2. Evan Spiegel

11.1 billion dollars

Evan Thomas Spiegel was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States in 1990 and at the age of 21, in the year 2011, he founded the social network Snap Inc, owner of Snapchat, one of the most popular instant photo sending and receiving systems from 2012 to 2015. Evan Spiegel became a billionaire to the tune of $8 billion, making his fortune grow thereafter.

He once held the title of the world’s youngest billionaire, while still in college as a computer science major at Stanford University, he worked as an unpaid intern at Red Bull. As a billionaire, he bought Harrison Ford’s dream mansion for $12 million.

He married Australian model Miranda Kerr whom he met through his own social network, donated $20 million to the Stockton Scholars, a scholarship program in Stockton, California. He is one of the youngest CEOs of public companies, this was when Snap began operations, Spiegel is also a member of the Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council.

1. Faiq Bolkiah

50 billion dollars

Faiq Jefri Bolkiah was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States in 1998 and holds dual citizenship from Brunei, where he is a prince. Grandson of the King of Brunei, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III, and son of Jefri Bolkiah I, Faiq followed neither diplomacy nor politics in his country and became a soccer player.

Being the youngest son of the Prince of Brunei, his three brothers are the successors to the royal throne, Faiq Bolkiah played in the youth teams of important English teams such as Chelsea, Southampton and Leicester, Faiq Bolkiah’s fortune is 50 billion dollars already secured, making him the youngest billionaire in the world and the richest before the age of 25.

Faiq is the captain of Brunei’s national team, despite being born in the United States, but Bolkiah’s salaries have never exceeded, in reals, more than $100,000. Should Bolkiah’s grandfather pass away, the fortune could rise to 150 billion, and if his father dies being king, the fortune would be 250 billion because he is the youngest son. Faiq has no desire to take over the politics of the country, nor to live in Brunei.