Should Prostitution Be Regulated?

Government entities want to regulate the taxes of sex workers. But it is not clear if this action would bring benefits. 

There are divided opinions about this subject, but here we’ll explore further more this concept. Check out arguments for and against this idea.

Is Prostitution Legal?

The Penal Code in many countries is ambiguous. Exchanging sex for money is not a crime, but the favoring and exploitation of prostitution by third parties is. A bill wants to regulate the work of prostitution professionals.

Sex workers are workers like any others. The regulation of the profession will guarantee rights, such as retirement and access to justice.

If they receive, for example, a bad check, they can check, they may seek judicial help to solve the issue, which is characterized as a case of breach of contract.

If legalized, sex worker venues can offer more security to their employees, both in terms of seeking formal help in cases of violence and with regard to the health programs.

The law would also inhibit the exploitation of this type of worker through inspection of these establishments

Prostitution has always been condemned to marginality, even though its practice has been known since ancient times.

And there will always be people willing to pay for some kind of sexual satisfaction, such as fetishes fetishes that cannot always be solved with affective partners.

The law could bring dignity and visibility to these professionals.

Sex workers legalization would put an end to the cynicism of the current law, since, in practice, it only serves to serves only to extort the establishments and professionals sex workers.

Will Sex Workers Legalization Guarantee Benefits Then?

Legalizing sex workers or sex industry does not guarantee improvements in the lives of sex workers. The Netherlands, after more than ten years of regulating prostitution, the experiment is considered a failure.

The pimps, now under the title of managers, continue to mistreat their employees, demanding payment of fees using physical violence.

There are doubts about the application of the formal right that the law would guarantee. Moral barriers and prejudices will continue to exist.

To file a complaint at the police station for being beaten by a client or employer, first of all, you will need to admit that you are a prostitute.

And that is something difficult to be confronted with, the male attitude of policemen.

Can the Oldest Trade In the World Be Incorporated in Modern Times?

Some feminist activist groups claim that prostitution is a kind of modern slavery. Legalization would contribute to naturalize the commodification of the body, making acceptable the idea of woman (or man) “object”.

For them, the idea of buying someone is considered simply inhumane. The foundations of popular opinion are usually religious. These dogmas can be used as a source of argumentation in courts of law.

People would need to be made aware and in another state of mind, before any attempt of legalizing the profession.